Provider capabilities

Provider capabilities JTSEC

Name Description
Certification of the main ICS providers Verification of cybersecurity functionalities or capabilities indicated by ICS providers
Compliance Centralized management of regulatory and legal requirements. Identification of the responsibilities and those responsible for monitoring and complying with the applicable regulations and laws in force. Definition of functions and competencies and documentary requirements. Definition of necessary committees. Identification and establishment of owners and custodians. Background check and definition of the required job position.
Cybersecurity assessment Provide minimally invasive industrial cybersecurity assessment. First step in establishing security requirements within the context of operational needs, this can also provide meaningful information on security levels, even less deployment of protection technologies
Verification of integrity of software and hardware code Verification of the software and hardware of the device to verify that its integrity has not been compromised, comparing the current state with the reference data collected during the compatibility test
Verify PLC integrity PLC integrity check